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Chew The Fat with Chloe Macintosh – Reviewed

Chloe macintosh made

We saw Chloe Macintosh, co-founder of Made.com and creative consultant to Soho House Group, take the stage to share hard-hitting, actionable business advice…combined with humor, self-awareness, and creativity.

When someone of Chloe’s caliber speaks at an event, it’s nigh impossible to collect all the wisdom that is shared and curate it into a single, short summary. But I will try, fellow beards!

It was as epic as it sounds.

Chloe Macintosh is a formidable lady with a keen sense of style. Not simply a ‘sense of style’ that refers only to her person, well-groomed as she was, or her appreciation of fine design, but one that translates into a finely tuned appreciation and understanding of the lifestyle market.

As the first female founder/host pair from the 3-Beards circuit, Chloe and Vicky managed to succinctly address the ‘women in tech issue’ by deftly avoiding it; almost entirely. With crowds clamoring for representation and calling for women in tech to step up in the public arena, it becomes difficult to stop female founders being perceived as ‘equality placeholders’, and not as a business and industry leaders with real value. Whether that divide is objective or subjective in general, the pair stepped up and beyond any doubt at Chew the Fat.

Chloe had some incredible experiences to share with the crowd, the ultimate highlights of which were:

On disrupting traditional industries & being crazy enough to try.

“We had a nice balance between knowledge and ignorance.”
“The difference between a crazy idea and brilliant one is the number of people you can bring along with you.”

On deciding what to ACTUALLY DO with your startup, & who you are going to be.

“It’s not who you think you are, it’s who they think you are.”
“We messaged everything we were, and they picked up on what was important about it.”
“Understand what people want from you. Articulate what that demand looks like and build your proposition based on that.”

On consumers desire for customisation, branding and the future.

“The biggest brands are telling you what to like”
“Where are we now? Branding communication – loads of stories behind the brand. Now the issue is distribution. Get that right.”

Chloe left us with a few things to think about – including a new wearable-tech vibrator, that was whipped out and brandished at the audience, much to everyone’s utter delight.

Aside from the pornstar version of a mic-drop, there are two concepts that were my favorite takeaways.

The first is “If you want something, pretend you can do it and people will trust you”. Chloe literally encouraged us to reach out and embrace the unknown…mainly as that is where she feels most comfortable. But to succeed at breaking new ground and become truly innovation, we all need to challenge both our conventions and our comfort zones. And in if all else fails and you just don’t know? Well…Google.

And finally?

“Sometimes I think the startup mentality is shit… You need peace, reflection, quietness. Food for happiness”.

Thank you, Chloe, because we all need to look after ourselves from time to time, and we all need to schooled in business badassery.

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