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Top 4 Traits of Mobile Entrepreneurs

mobile entrepreneurship

What are some of the traits which make mobile entrepreneurs successful? I have been lucky enough to interview many of the world’s best and here is what I have found:

1. They generate ideas and lots of them

Whilst it is common for all entrepreneurs to constantly have new business ideas, mobile allows you to prototype app ideas more quickly and easily than other industries.

It is not unheard of for good mobile studios to have staff regularly developing own IP apps – some will work well and others will fail but it’s important for staff to develop new skills, learn new technologies and take their findings into client work.

2. They’re not afraid to fail, publicly

Unlike other industries, mobile tends to be dominated by engineering minds rather than business and sales personalities and, therefore, it is normal to work in iterations, releasing something to the public possibly before it is, or they are, ready.

They accept that mistakes will and should be made in any area of new technology as part of the path to success. They aren’t afraid to fail but they tend to fail fast and move on.

3. Money isn’t their prime motivation

If you’re in this game to get rich, you will most likely fail. Despite many investors falling over themselves to put money into mobile, a great number of the original mobile entrepreneurs aren’t looking for cash injections.

They often start their business with no cash or business plan but they have an idea, the knowledge to build it, lots of passion and the drive to make it work.

In an age of modern communications and accessible distribution channels in the various app stores, there is no reason to sell your soul immediately. When you look back at the many big industry acquisitions in recent years, you see very few survive, in the way the founder had intended at least.

4. They see technology as a tool, not a trend

Whilst some companies are limited by the technology they use, the mobile landscape is ever changing and evolving. True mobile entrepreneurs understand this and use it to a consumer’s advantage.

Whether replacing your need to carry a wallet or remote for your home entertainment, the future lies in mobile and the hands of these entrepreneurs. They believe “if we build it, they will come” and, in many cases, users do.

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