Best Retail Displays: Utilizing Technology in Retail Display Fixtures

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The best retail displays you’ll find on the news or lighting up Pinterest often seem too grandiose to be practical for the average business. Investing in a giant LED screen or a touchpad appears fun, but impractical.

However, many businesses are finding creative ways to implement retail displays that use technology as well as new design practices. A beautiful retail display fixture full of personality can easily be what sets one store apart from the rest, even when they sell similar products.

The Best Retail Displays Make it Easy to Interact With (and Purchase) the Product

Technology has created a unique form of visual advertising—one that invites the customer to participate. Time Magazine highlighted a number of examples where businesses allowed customers to not only visualize products with the customizations they desired (such as color and price) but to purchase them easily. Payment terminals connected to visual displays makes the buying process easier, sometimes without even needing the customer to set foot in the store.

Modernization and better interaction with retail displays can be found in places like Nordstrom as well. Nordstrom had a window display in their Seattle flagship store where customers could interact with and “paint on” the display and make purchases almost instantly through a sales associate with a portable sales terminal.

The Best Retail Displays Include a Personal Touch

Integrating technology into a retail display fixture involves more than just flashy visuals. Allowing customers to interact through a touchpad, or utilizing an app to receive data about customers’ tastes and former purchases, helps build the brand’s relationship with its customers as much as advertise it.

The easier it is for a customer to digitally access information about a product, whether by scanning it directly or checking for competition elsewhere, the more effective the retail display is. This approach also helps advertise sales, as many customers may simply ignore a retail display that is out of their price range.

A Bloomingdale store in Manhattan, for instance, became a sensation when it allowed customers to view shirts through an online store and purchase them from the display without even having to step into the store.

The Best Retail Displays Extend Beyond the Window

It can be easy to get caught up in the grand retail display fixtures like TV screens and touch technology, but it goes without saying that the entire store is part of the advertisement process. Guiding the customer’s eye to advertised products with dynamic LED screens, and having a clean building exterior, can instantly inform the customer about the business.

The Best Retail Displays Convey Personality with Themes

Many businesses, looking to step up their retail display game, seek to add striking visuals to their store that makes it feel like a truly unique shopping experience. One hallmark of the best retail display designs is an outpouring of personality and a visual theme that sets a store apart from everything else around it.

Many successful businesses like Burberry and Moschino are able to stick to a distinct theme in their seasonal displays by incorporating an aspect of playfulness, modern sleekness, or escapism. Color, lighting, custom shelving, and season-specific props can lend personality to products. Many businesses strive to customize their look in order to differentiate themselves from others who sell similar products in the market.

Businesses continue to compete for the eyes of customers both on the web and on the streets. Consider interactivity and personality in your displays as well as keeping up with modern display design. Utilize design tips shown in the examples above, as well as incorporating the personality of your company or brand, and you’ll be well on your way to the best retail display design.

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