Open Entries is the global community of growth hackers, risk takers, and early-stage entrepreneurs. Compete to build, test and launch your amazing idea to the world and get kudos, cash and maybe even a crown.

Our aim is to empower the new generation of entrepreneurs by sharing the experience of all the industry experts who mainly deal with the growth.

We share learnings, strategies, thoughts of the founders, investors, marketers and the person who has discovered the thing that makes the earth better.

Open Entries is a community that exists to grow and support the global startup community that is at the heart of everything we do.

Our events enable people to network, learn and share ideas in lively, stimulating and social environments. We champion those who pay it forward and abhor douchebaggery.

We also run a job board, that we helped build so that you can find your perfect role or next team member, and we send out a weekly newsletter, full of startup news, events, opportunities and general silliness.

Catherine Shaw
Founding Editor

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