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How to Arrange Your Stock on the Shopfloor

How to Arrange Your Stock on the Shopfloor

You’ve probably heard stories about how stores play slower music earlier on in the day to encourage shoppers to browse, but speed it up as closing time approaches to try and tempt you into impulse buys.

Here’s some more ways you can get the most out of your product on the shopfloor.

Organising Displays

Next time you’re out shopping pay close attention to where the stores are placing their displays.

These will generally be items on sale, but right now there’s sure to be items that people typically only buy around the holidays.

Displays are commonly placed at the end of aisles so that the customer’s gaze is never taken away from the products.

This means that when you’re walking down the aisle you’re always head on with the display as opposed to approaching it from an angle. Point of Sale companies like Print & Display can supply Dump Bins that hold a lot of volume to make sure there’s always something to tempt the buyer in.

Another interesting way stores organise displays is to purposely make them look a little messy. This is called “the jumble sale” effect.

It encourages people to look through the items as some shoppers are hesitant to spend too long at pristine looking displays in the fear they might make a mess.

Product Placement

Where to place products is especially important in stores that carry lots of different items like supermarkets.

Specialty goods which have a larger profit margin are placed at eye level to encourage you to favour them over the cheaper equivalents placed on the shelf below.

You’ll see a similar approach for products that are seen as treats as a long running shelf of desirable items has a higher chance of drawing you in when’s it’s placed in your direct line of sight.

Another place you’ll see these items is next to the register as a final attempt to win you over.

Using Mirrors

Let’s face it: no matter how much we tell ourselves otherwise, we can all be a little bit vain. Stores know this and, to take advantage of this human instinct, place mirrors both in and outside the building.

A large mirror on the high street slows people down as they spend a few seconds checking their hair or adjusting the fit of their coat.

Those few seconds have also placed you right in front of the store, putting the brand in your mind and reminding you that you were supposed to check if that one item was back in stock.

Windows have a similar effect. While they allow us to see inside the store and maybe catch a glance at a display, their reflective surfaces also slow down traffic for the same reason.

Having great products isn’t the only factor when it comes to commerce. Psychology also goes a long way into how stores display their products. If you’re setting up a new store soon, tap into these techniques to improve your chances of success.

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