How to Make a Connection with Top Bloggers

Top Bloggers

Blogs have certainly evolved over the last several years. Far from being the realm of quirky enthusiasts with more than just a passing interest in Internet matters, blogging now is starting to reach the mainstream.

Technorati has said that there are over 112 million English-language blogs and counting that they know of, although it is fair to say that only a relatively low percentage of those are active, meaningful and productive.

Nevertheless, there are many top blogging sites, managed and produced by heavyweights within a particular niche. Those who have an interest in that niche would do well to charm the top bloggers, to seek to develop a close relationship and to capitalize on the amount of exposure or traffic that the blog and blogger represents.

Is it easy to make a connection with top bloggers? It’s certainly not that difficult on the face of it, as blogs and bloggers live and thrive on the comments that are appended beneath each post.

However, we advocate that you should take a much more balanced approach to making your move and that by doing so, you should be able to cement a much more productive relationship in due course.

Achieving a two-way traffic flow between your blog creations could result in valuable back links for you. If the blog in question truly is an authority site, the search engines will have given it the appropriate weighting or ranking and a link between the two sites will allow some of the link love to get to you.

Quite apart from this, it may open up any number of possibilities when it comes to potential business opportunities or joint ventures. Just by being associated with a top blogger, you will come into the radar screen of any number of other interested parties, all of whom have some kind of reason to be checking out the niche.

Never be tempted to jump the gun and ask the top blogger for a link or other “favor” until you have established a good relationship first. You will need to converse and the best way to do this is through sensible, contributory comments. Know your stuff and be sure to go into suitable depth about the subject of the blogger’s latest post. If you do, he or she will definitely become aware of your existence.

This is the best way to go about building a relationship, as it shows that you are knowledgeable and immersed. You can of course seek to send messages via e-mail or other social medium, but this type of communication tends to be subjective rather than objective.

As you build your credibility and the top blogger becomes more aware of your existence and importance, you may be invited to become a guest blogger to write a post for inclusion.

When this happens, you may well get the chance to include your own bio and a link back to your site. You now have the tacit endorsement of the top blogger and have added several layers of credibility to your blog as well.

Look for people who are posting on your blog and go back to their sites or blogs. Do they have any obvious connections there and can you find people who are authoritative in your niche down this path? Engage in areas that are not necessarily completely overlapping. You could do well by adding some depth and breadth to your creation, anyway.

Always remember that while you are looking for “a result,” such activities must always result in a win-win situation for both parties. You must never, at all costs, give the top blogger an idea that you are working with an ulterior motive and this is why this kind of approach and interaction takes time to cultivate.

It is best for you to allocate a certain slice of your time on a daily basis for blog commenting anyway. This can be a remarkably educational activity and may help you to keep on the cutting edge of your niche as you go about it. Commenting on a broad cross-section of blogs, always with meaningful comment and not some filler, just helps to build your credibility.

Just as we know that you should never actively sell anything within a social media network, you should sell neither your product nor yourself when you are working in the blogosphere. You’re in the business of building a relationship and if you succeed in doing that, then you have achieved all you have set out to do.

Sales and direct marketing will come at a later time. By linking to a top blogger you are aiming to establish yourself and to build traffic and potentially page rank at the same time.

Remember that you must always deal delicately and never offend another blogger. Some of these characters tend to be very protective and proud of what they create and you do not want to be involved in a negative conversation of any kind in your niche or anywhere near to it. This could result in consequential damage and could negate all the effort that you put into building up your position.

Have you got any tips on making connections with Top Bloggers?

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