How Can Doctors Manage Their Online Presence?

How Can Doctors Manage Their Online Presence

Online reviews can help or hurt any business. A doctor’s reputation is no different.

As a doctor you want as many people saying good things about you and your surgery as possible. People are more likely to visit you depending on the content of the review.

Your own posts also mean a lot to people. What kind of message are you sending online? How can you craft your online messages to attract and keep more of your patients?

You can manage your online presence easily and effectively with some of these tips.

LinkedIn Page

A LinkedIn page could be just what you need to keep a professional image online. People can see and rate your practice. They can also start discussions about your services as a doctor.

A LinkedIn page gives you the chance to show and tell people your skills. You only have to update this page once every few days to stay current in the minds of your patients.

If your patients are business owners and other busy professionals, then they will appreciate the ability to keep up with their surgeon on LinkedIn. Your practice will benefit from LinkedIn.


Facebook is much more informal than LinkedIn. For that reason you should be careful about what you post on Facebook. But a quality page can attract more people than LinkedIn.

You are more likely to connect with people who are looking for a clinic on Facebook. People often ask their Facebook friends for recommendations on new doctors in their area.

You have the opportunity to position yourself as the go-to doctor in your specialty in your area with help from Facebook.

The good news about your practice will spread quickly. Like LinkedIn, you can update your Facebook page every other day for best results.


You should start a blog for your clinic’s website. A quality blog post can establish you as a surgery expert. Longer posts show people what you know as well as your beliefs about being a surgeon.

The best part about promoting a blog is that you can use LinkedIn and Facebook to get more people to read it. Your smaller updates on social media can help people connect with you.

Your larger blog posts will educate them on you and your services. You will reach a larger audience in no time with the help of social media and blogs.

]You only need to make a longer blog post once per week.


You could also create a YouTube video for your current and prospective patients. It’s always nice to see someone’s face and hear them talk directly to you. You would only have to create a YouTube video once every few months.

But of course you could make videos more often if you like. You can introduce yourself and tell people what your skills and abilities include. Humans like working with people they can see and trust.

A video increases your visibility, and it boosts your credibility as a quality surgeon with good people skills.

Social media and blogs will work in tandem to create an impressive online presence for any doctor. You can always pay someone to write blog posts and manage your social media profiles.

Be sure to emphasize your surgical abilities as well as your ability to connect with people on a caring level.


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