A Dream has No Limits, Neither should Your Startup

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There are very few things that make my mother angry. So when she completely lost it in 1999 after seeing an interview with Britney Spears, it remained imbedded in my memory.

Not that she has anything against Britney personally –“I don’ t even know the girl”– but her anger was fuelled by a way of thinking that was seeping into the belief systems of the 90s youth –‘ If you have a dream and you believe in yourself enough you will succeed’.

My mother believed that no daughter of hers should grow up just believing in dreams – life is tough and the sooner you learn to work hard and bounce back, the stronger and more successful you’ ll be.

The Power of Dreams

Yet I’ m still a strong believer in the power of dreams, particularly when it comes to personal happiness and entrepreneurial success. Take a moment to just let your mind wander to all the possible places you could go, ideas you could try, things you could achieve. Stop yourself saying ‘ this is it’ and allow yourself to imagine what you could achieve if nothing stood in your way.

Then, if you’ re like me, you need to hear your mother’ s Britney rant in your head and come back down to earth. But still, allowing yourself to dream lets you glimpse your own potential and the potential of your business. Why would you settle on doing anything less than what makes you happy and proud?

A Happy Business is a Productive Business

More and more entrepreneurs and businesses are now seeing the benefits of putting personal happiness first. The Happy Startup School has ‘ make happiness your business model’ as the tagline on its homepage and has built a global community on this message.

Entrepreneur magazine is now full of articles on achieving a work/life balance or tips on increasing employee happiness and productivity.

Come Together, Right Now

At Vestd, our business model relies on people coming together to build a business purely because they believe in it… and it works. Since launching in November 2015 we’ ve seen worthwhile startups like Go Jauntly and Afro Express go from strength to strength without the immediate need for cash because we’ ve helped them find people who totally get their idea and want to contribute to see it flourish.

For every task that someone works on for a startup they get rewarded with equity in that business, so everyone involved has a vested interest in its longterm success. So, while acknowledging that mothers are always right and there’ s no alternative to hard work, letting yourself dream doesn’ t mean you’ re letting yourself down.

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