An Interview with Joseph J Sherman: Leadership and Personal Development for Entrepreneurs

An Interview with Joseph J Sherman Leadership and Personal Development for Entrepreneurs

Today we’re talking with Joseph J Sherman, a marketing strategist with a hunger for spreading his knowledge to eager young entrepreneurs.

Joseph lecturers on Leadership and Personal Development at Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum College in Jerusalem, Israel.

The course is based on The Rebbe of Piaseczna’s Chovas HaTalmidim, with case studies from Harvard Business School.

By teaching these students the ways of becoming a powerful leaders, he believes he is giving them lifelong tools to be successful entrepreneurs.

How and where did you get the idea for your course?

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg encouraged me to design and teach the curriculum. The Rebbe of Piaseczna was a Hasidic Rabbi in Poland before the Holocaust.

Rabbi Ginzberg showed me how the ancient Hasidic wisdom in Chovas HaTalmidim is relevant for today’s High-Tech entrepreneurs. Rabbi Ginzberg provides me with ongoing advice on how to teach the class.

I also incorporate teachings from Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser’s The Possible You Seminar.

Who is one person you have always looked up to?

Reb Chaim Daskal was a master educator and leader. He considered the needs and strengths of each student. Even in the suffering of illness, he grew each day.

What is the most important action you took that you believe brought success to your course?

My students are my greatest teachers They always challenge my ideas. Yesterday a student said “Harvard Business School Case studies are so old school. You should bring us examples from Bloomberg because they are more relevant.”

What is the number one tip you would offer to a young entrepreneur?

I grew up in the birthplace of the California citrus industry; Riverside, CA. My family had two orange trees in our backyard.


Our home grown oranges did not look as shiney as oranges that were sold at the grocery stores because we did not use pesticides or cover them in wax.

Instead, we cared for the trees ourselves, measured the water and picked them right when we wanted eat them. They were the best oranges in the world.

Personal development and leadership are traditionally taught as different subjects in business school.

Most MBA programs teach that Leadership is about executive strategy, and Personal Development is about a manager’s individual goals and aspirations.

They are really two aspects of the same topic. By primarily working on internal character traits, people around will see the transformation and become inspired themselves.

Rather than telling others what to do, transform yourself into a the executive

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