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Office Therapy: Therapeutic Ways to Get Your Office into Shape

Therapies for Office Stress

Increasing employees’ productivity is among the top priorities of human resource managers these days. According to the American Institute of Stress, the major source of stress affecting American adults is the workplace.

Current data shows that 25 percent of people in the US view their jobs as the leading cause of their stress, while 40 percent of workers have reported to experience extremely stressful jobs.

Workplace stress affects an employee in many ways. This includes the deterioration of their mental and physical health. Several studies show that increased levels of stress from their jobs are linked to the increased rates of hypertension, heart attack, and various health disorders.

These ultimately lead to poor performance at work and decreased productivity. When a talented worker is not performing well, the company is also at risk of losing the potential asset and reducing its earnings.

We have listed ways on how you can get your office into shape and reduce stress levels:

1. Art Therapy

There is a growing popularity of using art therapy sessions as a form of stress relief among workers. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy which improves a person’s mental, physical and emotional health. It allows a person to explore his creativity where, in the process, he gains more insight into himself.

It improves a person’s social skills too. If we want to encourage creativity among our colleagues, art sessions are the best way to keep them imaginative.

You now understand why doodle books and coloring books filled with black and white mandalas are now out on the market and why most people doodle when they want to keep their minds off something. You may create a regular schedule for art therapy gathering as part of your end of the quarter activities. You may also turn the boring white corner of your office to an art wall to do something enjoyable and relaxing.

2. Music Therapy

According to the American Music Therapy Association, people can get positive healing when they join programs where they can create, move to, sing, or listen to music. Melodies and rhythms can strengthen the brain, improve focus, and reduce stress.

Researches also show that music therapy is an effective way to treat patients who are found to be resistive to other treatments. Music has a way of exploring a person’s feelings. It creates positive changes in a person’s mood. It is also found to develop a person’s relaxation and coping skills.

That’s why playing relaxing music in the office or scheduling a drum circle session is always a good idea.

3. Pets for Therapy

You have already heard about dogs and horses being used in treating mental health patients. Animal-assisted therapy is usually used in hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and treatment centers. They are found to have positive effects on people including a lower level of anxiety, reduced loneliness, and increased mental stimulation.

Studies even show that animal-assisted therapy is more relaxing compared to exercising. Researches also show that the act of petting the animals creates a relaxing mood among people due to the body’s release of hormones that elevate mood, including prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin.

It lowers blood pressure and it is found to reduce the amount of medication on some patients. So, why not have the man’s best friend inside the workspace? You may opt to get a resident feline too.

4. Use Natural Light

Bigger windows are seen to have effects on the person’s mood and behavior. Imagine the feeling of being inside a prison cell with almost no windows. Closed confinement heightens stress levels among people. There are numerous studies that show setting up natural lighting is one of the best ways how you can increase your workers’ productivity.

Among the benefits of natural lighting is the reduction of blurred vision, headache, and eyestrain among people. It also alerts employees promoting better concentration. Aside from promoting wellness, natural lighting is also very cost-effective and earth-friendly as it reduces your energy consumption. Time to renovate your office with bigger and more glass windows.

Devising ways to create an excellent work environment is a must. Aside from the interventions listed above, offices nowadays are creating better working spaces to motivate their employees and reduce stress brought about by the daily tasks. Some offices even encourage their employees to take a break from work with yoga or other exercise programs. Exercises are proven to promote better concentration and reduce fatigue. These various forms of interventions are often used in holistic rehabs.

Other offices are also making their workplaces a “happier” place. From creating better lighting to choosing good facilities, offices are encouraged to adopt good office designs to help employees feel better at work. Whatever type of intervention we choose to apply in our own working space, it is best to remember that prioritizing the physical and mental health of the employees always means good business.

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