Spicing Up Your Product Launch

Spicing Up Your Product Launch

The company has finally put all of those years of planning, primping and producing to work and now promotional models are ready

to be delivered to the public. The minds of most entrepreneurs will start thinking, “How do we promote our product in an interesting manner that can beat the competition?”

Listed below are seven creative methods to get the populace excited about the products that everyone will need to live a happy life!


Advertainment is the technique of combining “advertising” and “entertainment” to create clever, mini-movies featuring the brand as the star player!

  • Pro: The audience will remember the merchandise while being highly entertained.
  • Con: This method is expensive.

Beta Mode

The Beta Mode method lets a company do a test run on the product with the public before the official release date.

  • Pro: This method allows companies to get feedback from a few people so that kinks can be worked out of the brand before being released to the general public.
  • Con: The negative feedback can harm a product if it isn’t up to expectations.


Crowdfunding allows smaller businesses with small pockets and big dreams to realize their fullest potential. Popular crowd funders are Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Crowdfunder.

  • Pro: It advertises the brand to the public.
  • Pro: It allows the public an opportunity to invest in the company.
  • Con: The corporation has to pay some money to the start up.


The Playmate method involves two or more companies getting together to do business on products with similar values.

  • Pro: Both parties share in contributing seed money for promotion of the goods.
  • Con: One product can outsell the other one.


Shockwave involves the strategy of shocking the constituents with visuals along with the brand that normally doesn’t go with it.

An example would be a lady in a Dona Matrix outfit with a whip advertising a sale in a department store.

  • Pro: The merchandise can generate some free publicity.
  • Con: The notoriety of the images can result in negative feelings for the product.


With the survey method, an establishment asks the potential clients to state their preferences in a product.

The company will then strive to accommodate those desires. This strategy may appeal to those who have a large bankroll to finance the venture.

  • Pro: The consumer is important because his or her response dictates what type of brand is wanted.
  • Pro: This method can build a consumer base for the merchandise.
  • Con: The company will need quite a bit of cash to invest in this strategy.


Merriam-Webster dictionary states that zeitgeist means, “the general beliefs, ideas and spirit of a time and place.”

Using this strategy can promote products simply because it ties in with those particular beliefs or emotions of the population. One way to get men’s attention is by using a service like Covergirl Promotional Models.

  • Pro: This technique links with the culture of the audience.
  • Pro: It builds a disposition for the product with potential clients.
  • Con: It is difficult to find the latest fad in culture and bank upon a promotional strategy before the phase is obsolete.

These systems can help anyone answer the question of what to do next. These and other methodologies of advertising your promotional models can be utilized.

They can be used either individually or in tandem with other plans. Happy promoting and good luck!

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