Reasons Why And Why Not To Start Your Own Business – Part 3

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I am feeling quite positive about this series of articles, because we are still on the positives – or the reasons why one should venture out on your own. I wrote an article a while back about getting rich in the corporate world. While some can, I couldn’t imagine myself being able to do so.

Working at a corporation, if you are reading this blog, is probably not for you any more than it is for me. Think of your brain as a muscle. If your employer is not utilizing it and you feel that you have too much to offer, keep reading and see whether the below reasons resonate.

With that being said, let’s continue with the list of reasons which ought to trigger the need for starting your own business:

You love competition

People often disagree with and wonder why Brett Favre played football for as long as he did. After all, he didn’t need the money. Brett Favre kept retiring and coming back to the NFL because he loves the competition.

Football is his business; he’s quite good at it too. To be successful owning a business, you have to have the same fire. I love this quote from Mia Hamm. It sums up the love of competition and how to ensure that you will stay on top for years and years to come:

“You can’t just beat a team – you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again.”

It is imperative that you play the game that Brett Favre does. Initially, do not worry about the money. A true competitive nature will lead you to revenue. However, without a pure dislike for your competition, in my opinion, you won’t be as effective of an entrepreneur.

You have the mentality that if you fail, then you fail. However, it’s going to take a lot for a competitor to ensure that you do.

If you were to treat every account like it was the Super Bowl, you are not going to come across well to your customers. One time I was interviewing a younger girl for a position one of our clients had open.

Toward the end of the interview, I asked her if she had any questions. She asked me what my sales approach was like. I told her that my approach was some variation of “I don’t give a you-know-what”.

The reason is that if you are not afraid to fail, more times than not, you will succeed. That is why, as a business owner, just like in poker, you’re all in. Once you sign the tax documents, put up the website and begin advertising, you must fight to make sure your baby survives.

It’s like holding a pair of 7s in Texas Hold ’em. You can either put some of your chips in and risk losing on the flop or be a true champion and push the chips to the center of the table.

Don’t get me wrong, you must take calculated risks, though you must put yourself out there and allow people to judge you. As a business owner, you must always forge ahead. It takes one heck of a fight, and you must be willing to fail.

If you don’t embrace this possibility and allow it to drive you, the business will not work. If you are okay with this scenario, perfect. If you feel that you need more work on this, practice. You’ll get the hang of this approach.

I do believe that this sums up the reasons as to why you should start a business. In the next article, we’ll touch on reasons you should not leverage to begin your foray into entrepreneurship.

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