5 Tips for Transforming Your Lawyer Bio into a Strong Marketing Tool

5 Tips for Transforming Your Lawyer Bio into a Strong Marketing Tool

What does your bio say about you? If you’re like most lawyers, not much. While you may be one of the best lawyers in your niche, your clients don’t know it because your bio either does too much bragging or it says nothing substantial about you and your accomplishments.

Clients Don’t Care Where You Attended Schools

Don’t bother putting where you went to law school down in your bio. Does that sound crazy? OK, you can throw it in there, but put it in an inconspicuous place.

Seriously, if someone really wants to know, they’ll find the information. But, clients seriously don’t care.

Don’t believe it? Why are you reading this article then? For that matter, where are all of your clients? Not flooding through the door, are they?

For example, the Vancouver car accident lawyer firm Watson Goepel would do well to stress the fact that they are good at litigating cases, they should highlight a strong track record, and that they have precise experience with the exact types of problems their clients need help with.

It’s assumed that all the lawyers on the firm’s website are appropriately qualified, and even though they list their qualifications, it is not the qualifications themselves that demand prominence in the firms marketing efforts.

They Don’t Care About Your Law Review Articles

Clients largely don’t understand the work you do. That’s why they’re clients and not lawyers. Law review articles are for your peers, not your clients.

So, don’t include them in your bio. Sure, it makes you look special, but this is more bragging than communicating.

A bio does highlight your experience, but it has to be relevant to the client, not to another lawyer. When you include work like this, you’re speaking to other lawyers – they’re not your target market.

Clients Want To Know If You’re On Facebook and Twitter

Odd as it might seem, your clients want to know if you’re on social media. Everyone else is these days. That’s where you should be if you want more clients.

Clients Want Easy Access – Telephone and Email

Clients want to know how to contact you. Don’t hide your email or phone number. Display it prominently on your website and all of your communications with the general public (e.g. business cards).

Clients Want You To Return Their Phone Calls With Meaningful and Relevant Information

This is something most lawyers are terrible with – returning phone calls and providing easy access via email. When you give out your phone number, people will call it. But, you also need to return your phone calls, and stop being so aloof.

This isn’t the courtroom. There are no “games” going on here. What’s going on is that potential clients are getting upset.

And, if you’re just starting out, or experiencing a lull in your practice, answering the phone and returning calls and emails is a good way to dig yourself out of the slump.

But, more than just returning phone calls, they want you to have relevant and interesting information to share.

So, before you dial the number, make sure you’re organized and you have something to say. Then, simply say it. Your clients will love you, and you’ll outcompete 99 percent of your competition by doing this one little thing.

Christina Ross knows the power of a well-written bio. A marketer of many years, she enjoys writing about what she has learned. Look for her informative posts on a variety of today’s top websites.

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