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Your story matters.

We are curious to read whether you think your findings are the total drag and no one will care. But we know you have something to share with the world and we are here to shout with you.

We are always open for the contributions that motivate the early stage entrepreneurs, inspire them to create life-changing products and support their starting steps towards their dream being an angel.

Share your success stories that motivate, and failures that guide.

We are open to all without any kind of restrictions. You don’t have to be man or woman to read or write our articles. You don’t have to be educated writer with masters in fine arts.

The only qualification you need to have is to submit an article that you are passionate, about something we talk about.

Process for Submission

Send a topic idea with a short brief on what you want to share in it. Our editor, Catherine Shaw will get back to you if it is good for our audience interest.

If you don’t get any reply in a day or two, then you should keep research to come up with the more compelling topic ideas and send it again.

Generally you will get our reply in two working days. Once your topic ideas has been approved then you can start writing the article copy that has to comply with our editorial standards:

  • The article must be in opinion giving tone rather than sales.
  • It has to be written in native English. UK English is preferred but US English can work.
  • It should be optimized properly and you need to give us your primary focused keyword in your submission document.
  • Article with any illegal activity website link is not acceptable.
  • We are not worried to link back if it gives users more authentic and deep understanding.
  • Contact Catherine Shaw via email or contact us page.
  • If we find your guest contribution proposal is a part of bulk emailing then don’t expect any response from us.
  • Start writing for us. We are waiting for your submissions.